How to recover facebook account without email

How To Recover Facebook Account Without Email

How to recover facebook account without email

We have seen and exponential rise in the use of social media these days. There are plenty of social media sites which are quite popular these days and people from all walks creates their account on those platforms  in order to get in touch with the friends and families. One such big name in the social media field is that of Facebook.

Facebook is one of the major and most popular social media sites which is getting popular these days. With more than 2 billion user base and a rapid exponential user base is clearly testimony of the fact that how much this social media sites has grown in such a short span of time. Within teens it has become the addiction to use facebook as a prime medium to share your thoughts, exchange your message and share their thoughts with a wider community. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user faces is regarding how to recover facebook account without email. User can take the help of the technical support or follow these simple procedures:

  • User needs to go to the facebook website.

  • Afterwards write down the username and click on the forget password button.

  • Make sure to fill out the given account identification forms.

  • Now choose the Forget my account on next page.

  • Choose the mode and select the security question.

  • User needs to answer the security question in order to verify the account.

  • After answering of the security question, write down the new password and then confirm the new password.

  • Again click on the save button to make the changes.


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