Simple steps to recover hacked Facebook account

Simple Steps To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Simple steps to recover hacked Facebook account

Facebook is a familiar name among all of us, everyone is aware about it. There will highly any person who is unknown to this term. It is the best social networking site in the world. It is ruling all over the world. It is the famous social networking site which is used by people to remain in touch with their family, friends, and even old friends whom you recognise hardly.

To use facebook first of all we have to create an account in facebook. After creating account you have to secure your account with the help of settings. A lot of security procedures are made available by facebook to ensure that your account never gets hacked. Then also sometimes it may be hacked by some hackers. There are many procedures which tell us How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account. Some of them are given below:

First way to recover hacked account is by forgot password option which is available with sign in dialog box.

  • First go to facebook Sign In page forgot password option will be there.

  • Enter your email account or user name or your registered mobile number in textbox and click on search button.

  • Your profile may appear with email address then click continue button.

  • Then check your mailbox or message in your mobile whatever you choose as a method for recovery.

  • Some verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter that code and then you can set a new password.

Second way to recover your hacked facebook account is by changing associated email address as it is possible that hacker may change your password as well as email address. This method can only be applied within few days of account being hacked.

  • First login to your email account which is registered with facebook account.

  • Then in the next step, a variety of recovery options are available like

  • Upload an ID: any government issued ID must be uploaded to verify your details.

  • Verification of Date of Birth: Correct Date of birth should be entered to proceed to your facebook account.



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